Andrew Barham

Hi! Andrew here. I’m the founder of, the new address devoted to your overall emotional journey. And I must say what a journey it’s been to get to this point. You know, every venture has their share of ups and downs, triumph, victories and a test of will, yet what creates the environment to succeed and answer the question “Is it worth it?” affirmatively, coincides with formulating the right team. To our team I say thank you for your unwavering devotion.


So how did we get here? Well I’ve always maintained a healthy distinct fascination with the manner which we communicate, what we say and in the shortest manner of time, appealing to emotional triggers most take for granted. Kind of tongue and cheek though I do blame the internet for giving us convenience as our methods to communicate with loved ones effectively have taken a back seat to text messaging and social media platforms.


But what if we were able to have both? An authentic medium to say exactly what we’re thinking whether poignant or not in an expedient time frame? A tangible product that exists alongside the options such as emojis and stickers. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel but merely address despite the internet, effective meaningful communication to loved ones shall always be needed. Your loved ones await authenticity. There should be no room for interpretation when conveying emotions to those deemed important. And how often have we found ourselves explaining and interpreting a text message unfortunately mischaracterized? It happens to the best of us. Still at this age I’m still criticized for accidentally applying caps to all of my messages. LOL.

Join us, Team Versuasions on a wonderful journey focused upon what makes us unique. Our emotions and the ability to convey them accordingly. Cheers!