Image for Embrace Vulnerability

Steve Jobs once alluded to the fact in the face of death big decisions can be easily made. Say what you might about Mr. Jobs but there’s no question he was in tune with not only his own mortality but the brevity of life itself. He was vulnerable with life and the evidence is obvious if one considers the overwhelming risk he took to succeed. In other words, he overcame obstacles by being “vulnerable.”

For those of us today facing obstacles in a relationship. Those among who feel incapable to address their brand or feelings to another, do remember you are a peg on a galactic wheel and your continued vulnerability may not be appreciated now, but most certainly one day will. The vulnerability is an impactful connection similar to the idea behind “six degrees of separation” (you know someone who knows someone else etc) as one may not feel the impact of your vulnerableness but subconsciously it moves from one person to the next. We are connected.

When we meet a potential mate regardless of the implications or what the messages received daily (media, family or friends), always place your best foot forward. I’ mean why not? Tell her you to care and the reasons behind it. Mention to him why he gives you an intriguing feeling inside. Life is truly short. Be vulnerable and confident enough to deploy it even if the receiver of your small act of kindness, has no comprehension as to how to embrace it.


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