Frequently Asked Questions

Versuasions is the new website that allows emotions and feelings to be shared digitally to friends and loved ones.
Versuasions is also “portmanteau word” (a blend of two or more words) used to describe our company with the aim to PERSUADE by way of Verse.

The name of the product is called the Versuade!

The name “Versuade” is a unique one derived from the company name Versuasions.In addition we thought about the word “suede” and what the material represents. It represents a feeling, a vibe and an incredible soothing comfortablity. Hence our Versuade is destined to offer verses that have the ability to deliver honest and integral feelings for friend, family and even foe.

A Versuade brings the old elements from the past and intertwines convenience to the masses who wish to connect to family and friends immediately through smart phones, desktops and other digital elements. Greeting Cards are brick and mortar. E-Card is old trivial images, cliche audio jingles and chimes and poor graphics. A Versuade is an authentic expression delivered through digital devices.

Unfortunately at this time such functionality isn’t available.
We currently are using Paypal and Cash App.

A customer can send unlimited Versuades

There will be a minimum of 2 Versuades added on a monthly basis.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or use the chat feature to the bottom right of the site.