How It Work ?

Don’t know what to say? We do!

In this “new normal” and digital environment we aim to make sure it’s easy to safely and conveniently convey all your emotions to those who matter most.
Can’t express? Too busy? Leave it to us! Save time and convey to those who matter.

Not a text, a card or letter but a “Emo Tile”.

Still, using paper to express? What about those messages which lack sincerity and creativity? We are devoted to crafting your message so you can spend time focused on other things in life. Remember what you say and how it’s conveyed. Do so with the “Emo Tiles”. Download, Send and share anytime and  anywhere!

On the go? Doesn’t matter we have your back!

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What makes Us Different From the Rest?

Easy To Share

We at Emo Tiles have made it easy for all to share through multiple avenues. Any customer, any where can download, share or post our content or “Emo Tiles” to loved ones using social media, text messaging i.e Whatsapp, sms and messenger.

“10 Core Strong”​ Philosophy

We believe strongly in the “10 Core Strong” ideal. Meaning although we have many friends and loved ones, there are “10” people in our close circle who have an impact on our lives. Let’s acknowledge them accordingly.
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The Emo Tiles

We have coined our product “The Emo Tiles.” The name originated from the company name Emo Tiles: meaning our goal is to “persuade” you or move your emotions by “VERSE.”


The internet has created never before seen connectivity. As a result we may not serach as frequently as before, however we still must pay homage to other culture, cultural norms and languages. Currently we have “Emo Tiles” that are authentic for the English, En español, Indian and Pakistani speaking nations.

Blog Articles

With the notion diversity is best, we have compiled writers from several nations who will produce content giving various perspectives towards anything focused on life, love and emotions. Perhaps this will be a moment to reflect, teach and learn.

Our Team

One word: Diversity.
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