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Motivation is what gets you started and drives you to success, while failure leaves you demotivated and hopeless. Failure sucks hurt your feelings, crushes your ego but also gives you the opportunity to reevaluate the path that you’re on and revert back to success. It is not absurd to make another attempt. You may be away from success just a fortnight away or one concrete effort behind. However, you need some inspiration before you start afresh.

One such inspirational source is motivational quotes, to which you can turn to if things get tough in your life. These Quotes are akin to mantras for Inspiration. These Quotes will surely boost your motivation and you will arise, awake and won’t stop until your goal is reached. This was a famous motivational Quote of Swami Vivekananda (Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached), where he is inspiring youth to come out of the hypnotized state of mind (comfort) and chase their goals.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” —Thomas Edison

Edison was a famous businessman and scientist. He never gave up his dreams and beliefs. He always believed in trying again.  Edison also quoted that our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The surest way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

These motivational quotes from Edison can alter the belief system of an individual and can eventually make your attempt more intense and desirable! You can think that if Edison can fail 10000 times before inventing the famous light Bulb, what is stopping me from trying again and achieving the final goal?

The Inspirational Quotes from Leaders around the world affects individuals at the primal level. These leaders can be from Political, Social, Science or Business Backgrounds. Common people assume the statements given by the leaders to be exceptionally true. Such Quotes hold much gravitas and therefore can psychologically motivate the readers/listeners.

Humans are aspirational by nature. Properly structured Quotes with strong imagery and appeal can directly impact human psychology. Quotes can be meaningful and influential in changing the human thinking process. In addition, they can assist humans to view something in themselves that they wish to alter or conquer.

Quotes have the power to keep negativity away. Let’s find out some of the significant benefits of Motivational Quotes and how they affect the psychic state of Human mind:

  • Inspirational quotes help you in forming healthy perceptions and attitudes.
  • Always keeps your hopes alive. It teaches you that there is dawn after every darkness.
  • Remind you that you are not alone!
  • They tell you that there is still some space for success left.
  • You get motivated to move past your old regrets, learn from them and move ahead.
  • Help you remain grounded and teaches you the power of Perception.
  • Motivational Quotes are your best Guides.
  • Inspirational quotes help you get through the problems when you can’t get over them.

There is science (especially neurological) of motivation and inspiration behind why you get affected by Motivational Quotes. Listening or reading Motivational quotes is akin to conversing with a dear friend. Preferably, it should be done alone, in a silent setting as those words can be meditated upon, using the power of singular focus. The focus of success.

Inspirational Quotes can motivate you in the times of hardship or self-doubt. They may not be enough to live on, but surely are enough to move on.


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