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I sympathize with fathers. I also see the plight surrounding decent men. One can only hope the laws in this system will one day change for the betterment of future generations and the mental stability of men. Again I sympathize with fathers. I can speak from a personal nature where I am well acquainted with the anguish, mental and verbal jousting with the opposing female party.And because we are “Men” our responses which may highlight our feelings, (hence in the minds of many possible vulnerabilities) we are looked upon as some incous frail butterfly looking for attention. Often we are seen and regarded as gigantic caricatures personifying the exterior of a man but with a feminized interior soul. I wish every fiber in my body reject this notion.

It has been my great fortune to know an abundant of great men who have been victimized financially and ravaged without any hope or lifeline. There only recourse is to continue this journey consisting of a handful of decades. And as a result we, yes we continue to move through this journey without the proper outlet to release those feelings. I sympathize with men.

It’s insanely unfathomable the degree by which manhood has become a pejorative word and by all accounts turned into more of a proposed manufactured ideal. For the current state of manhood has the infamous moniker of being “toxic”. What is toxic? I’ll tell you. Toxicity is when a man or a father doesn’t have the right to have decent representation. For because we are men in the eyes of public opinion we are guilty until proven innocent. And even the overwhelming evidence of innocence still has the residue of possible guilt through the judgemental eyes of our status quo.

My sympathy runneth over men. I look forward to the day where equality won’t be insistently one-sided. I look forward to the day whereby the courts and society view the father’s undeniable role as one that should be protected. He should be protected and revered because without his male presence a standard, a way of living will most certainly be absent.

I vouch for fathers.



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