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My contribution to Versuasions has much to do with emotions and observations that involve the two genders. And hopefully, my voice will grow in the online world to influence the manner by which people think about expressions. I really can’t explain it but I’ve had a long-lasting fascination with communication (verbal or non-verbal) that it has turned into an obsession (didn’t I say in a previous post obsession is bad?).  And so my job is to speak to a certain demographic who want to understand why men and woman (just my observation) do the things they do.

For instance, men buy trinkets and junk (material b.s) to appeal to members of the opposite sex. In his mind, the manifestation of material goods will be excellent bait to garner her undying attention. In other words, if it’s “shiny enough she will come.”

The flip side of the coin is this: You have a woman who anticipates this behavior and believes the gall of such objectification should not go without punishment. Therefore she cleverly plays the role, accepts the bait and continues the Oscar-winning performance of the willing woman activated by the man’s offerings. The role is continued until she finds another sucker with more cash and more money to lose. Is she an opportunist? Not my aim to judge. Is he a poor sap? Not my aim to judge. What does he do to keep her interested? Will she begin to realize the source from where the trinkets come from, his mind and soul isn’t about material elements but a good-natured heart? Maybe?


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