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I was born in the ’70s and saw my parents react to the music of Motown, executive produced by the legend himself Berry Gordy. If my memory serves me correctly I vividly recall my lovable parents 18 years removed from teenage adolescence, spooning over one another as if the music of the time had them trapped in some sort of hypnosis. Look at them. Eyes totally fixated upon one another as the lyrics from Marvin Gaye personifies what they were feeling at that given moment.

25 years later I see it for what it is. Business. Berry Gordy astute songwriter as he is,  found a way through instruments, rhyme and the concept of chivalry and created a new sound and more importantly an effective business model. Appeal to the emotions of both genders and the desire to produce romance which invariably leads to, you guessed it. The bedroom.

When I listen to most of the modern day lyrics now I hear a lot about expectations, pseudo needs and obsessions. Yup. The chosen word. Music is very hypotonic folks and we don’t think of it that way because we characterize hypnosis to be a diabolic phenomenon.  But listen to the music which I’ve even come to enjoy. “I will die without you” Screams obsession. I guess this one hear hypnotically tells the woman to feel some guilt because if I’m willing to take my life over you, how can you deny me when “death” is quite final.” Logically how could we?  But remember music is coded and very infectious when constantly repeated over and over again. We are told when times hard listen to music. It will more often than not replace a mood of sullen to one of joy. Just like sex music has a chemical implication.

Folks never obsess over human beings. After all, aren’t we inherently flawed? Don’t we have the capacity to change seemingly overnight?  If need be love with earnest intention and be able to walk away without regard or regret. Accept the irrefutable fact external beauty by western standards has been long exaggerated and so unfortunately as it is “the soul and integrity” of a person has yet to be promoted as the more important factor.  (if we are going, to be honest with ourselves beauty has a 20-year-old limitation before “external beauty” { without enhancements} begin to fade.)

Yeah, I know, life isn’t fair but in the meantime, until technology finds some kind of balance equaling the playing field of life (kidding of course) stay the hell away from Obsession. If there was a time for allowing yourself to get obsessed over a human being, it has surely passed decades ago. Do yourself a favor and don’t! Please!

I’m out.


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