Versuasions Story

Mission Statement:  to spread human commonality of inspiration, love and emotion across the globe, empowering our connections regardless of age, location, gender or creed.


Versuasions Objectives

  • Regain public interest in the lost art of expressing one’s self.
  • Adhere to change and offer a paperless product while respecting the environment and the climate of convenience
  • Be the purveyor of emotions demonstrating innovation, authenticity and quality.
  • Increase the notion of sharing globally despite technical disadvantages.
  • Address the mere fabric of our existence by showing our similarities through emotions


Our Story.

It’s happened to you before.

A special occasion with a personal connection has arrived and you receive multiple text messages and images from well wishers, friends and loved ones. The destination? Your Smartphone andsocial media profiles. But there’s a BIG PROBLEM! It seems these messages are redundant exhibiting lackluster quality. And in some instances these very messages are received from multiple “so called” well wisher.  Hardly any  evidence to suggest a close bond wouldn’t you say? Therefore we do one of a few things.

1. We shrug it off never to reveal judgment.

2. Comment to self “now this sucks” and treat it as a nonchalant experience.

3 Dread the next time an occasion returns, whereby the same generic message will be part of a day filled with annoying notifications.

4 We consider the source. “Did they steal this from Google?” Gram? Maybe  Facebook and the like? You know! Right click, copy paste.  Or download, save and send.


Perhaps this was something sent in the past and true to lack of effort thought it best to forward it to you? Is this you? At Versuasions, we believe we all should be taken seriously and receive whatis just. This justification is authenticity with a slice of convenience. This is your story. This is our story.  And yet It seems convenience has masked our desire to accept exceptional which is what we truly desire. We offer you  Versuasions . The  demarcation point between Convenience and expressive content.  Quite frankly we are a premier web portal “connecting your world with words.With our product, the Versuade (a combination of 2 words Verse and persuade, meaning we wish to persuade by way of verse) we offer a dynamic opportunity to connect faster among multiple devices to those deemed to be your close “connections”.


The Versuade will be available in the most popular formats (image and video) which promotes sharing through the internet to family and friends globally. We likened our journey to Uber and theTaxi Industry,  AirBnb and the accommodation market (hotels etc.) and Gmail and the global mailing system. As they are vessels of change and disruption, we are emotional distributors,  in a declining market in need of an enthusiastic transformation. We are focused on one thing and obsessed by another. Our focus is to expose your thoughts and words and provide the right touch and emotional tone. And as the aforementioned innovators target well established markets, so shall we  follow the change trend and offer a paperless, meaningful experience and authentic product.

Welcome to Versuasions.

Connecting your world with words.

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