Why is indifference important

As a reminder here at Versuasions we aim to discuss anything which triggers emotions. In previous articles/posts I may have said what you read here isn’t based on scientific data, but real life experiences.

Then again in a way it is scientific data, after all I am alive. Better yet how about subjective scientific data? 

Have you ever heard “the art of indifference”? Well listen up you may want to hear what I have to say.

I am a staunch proponent in the belief our planet abides by certain laws. Yes Karma qualifies as one but change, metamorphosis is the rule/law that’s most attractive to me. Can I tell you why? Thought you’d never ask. Well it’s obvious every cell, membrane, brain waves, axis, stratosphere reacts to something. Scientists would refer to this as stimuli.

We live our lives wanting to control everything knowing full well any effort is futile. There is and will always be movement or better put change. Our reality on this side of the Milky Way promotes it. This is why I make the case to remain indifferent and take an excerpt from sporting legends from yesteryears, let the game come to you. Well in this case let the game called life come to you; reacting as YOU see fit. Is it easy?  NO. Can it be done ? Most certainly.

Remember I didn’t say stoic but indifference.  There is a “difference.”  With indifference gives Zen like clarity. Indifference forces objectivity replacing the urge to react overzealously to the whims of freewill.

A benefit to becoming indifferent is it creates a realm towards calculating scenarios as opposed to letting our feelings and emotions run amok. When our feelings/emotions become entangled within our thoughts it’s easy to let external factors seep through, causing indecision. What I mean by “external factors?” What about the advice from friends and family? What about the “admirable” recommendation from a past associate?  Individuals from any of these examples tend to provide information based on their prior experiences. In many cases we view their recommendations and advice as de facto information, because well, they’ve been through something similar. And quite normally we travel full speed ahead using this new found information without analyzing the pros and cons. In other words we have a fairly hard time to sit down and truly think things through.

You are your greatest asset. You are your most noblest of friends. You! Commit today and promise self to be self reliant and realize all answers to questions can be sought from within.

Practice indifference! It will do a world of good.

Drusato Team Versuasions.


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