Image for With or without her

You love her smile and her walk. You envision the idyllic time to address your feelings to her. But something runs through your veins even though the repeated dreams give you strength to overcome. Fear is running through your veins. You’re scared. No, actually petrified of the outcome.

Stop living on the outcome and be reminded that you are a resourceful affable human being. You are the life of the party. The problem is: She doesn’t know it yet. Men your “resourcefulness” on its own merit should attract a quality woman. After all, if we are going, to be honest here isn’t she coded to acquire resources and security? I suppose society will retort to something different. Some will say men emphatically want love yet woman desire the idea of love but it stands as a tertiary requirement, once exhibit A and B (Security and resources) have been fulfilled.

The thing is will she tell you security and resources are the basis of her decision making? Don’t know. But since we are being candid there’s a pretty good chance this idea is absolutely correct. Because her beauty and walk are mind-numbing we are hypnotized believing the fantasy. She wants you for you. But where she hides her intimate desires so far away you would need a time traveling machine to get there, her need for you is incredibly contrary to what you believe.

See along with her beauty she can do no wrong, therefore, all sense of logic is thrown out the window. Due to your idea of love, physical attributes and damsel in distress narrative she is the victor of the double standard. Men, we have to do a better job not obsessing with the flesh and be absolutely fine with or without having her in your life. Love her for who she is and love her if she walks away. Appreciate her beauty and the visual joy it brings. Sorry for the reality check you have been lied to for far too long.

P.S Oh and men your turn for realism is coming up next.


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