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Saytelo and his guide to your 10Core Strong. Those 10 people who truly matter most!

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Hi I am Saytelo, the ambassador to Versuasions! Be sure to come along as we have fun sharing stories and adventure. See you soon!

Saytelo learns about cryptocurrency

Why Respect is important according to Saytelo!

Saytelo and technology and learning languages in a changing world!

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Expression comes in all forms, and sometimes an image delivers an emotion quite perfectly. Deliver a mood, sentiment, an action, and a feeling today. Feel free to power your statements with emojis powered by Saytelo, and sponsored by Versuasions. “hahehehe”

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“Yes, sucks, boring, and needs improvement. We’ve all been there! Please make sure you’re taking the time to convey the right message to those you adore, not to mention “Your 10 Core Strong!” 

"Quotes are made for the masses. A Versuade is specific and expressive for that person or the few we call "Your 10 Core Strong!"
Andrew Barham
Although I'm shy Andrew is absolutely right. Convey with meaning today!
Versuasions Ambassador

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