Image for Anniversary Versuades- Aonline way to express your love and care for your partner

Are you facing trouble expressing your love? Read on to find enchanting ways to show your affection for your partner.

The expression is what makes love a unique feeling. Whenever you feel like loving someone special you should always have the urge to express yourselves. (more…)

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Image for how motivational quotes help to overcome disappointment after failure?

Motivation is what gets you started and drives you to success, while failure leaves you demotivated and hopeless. Failure sucks hurt your feelings, crushes your ego but also gives you the opportunity to reevaluate the path that you’re on and revert back to success. (more…)

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Image for will good morning versuades make recipient's day special?

Globally, it’s believed texting a Good Morning message every day isn’t as sincere as one would hope. In lieu of receiving multiple text and photos throughout any given day many associate a good morning text as something rather mundane. However, a “unique” good morning message conveys a wish for somebody’s well being, welfare and good luck. (more…)

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Image for how versuasions helps to express your feelings with your loved ones?

Everyone has their own way of expression. We all have a lot to express, but finding ways to do so is more than half the battle. Versuasions is akin to a weapon in this enigma of battles. It is the new ‘online’ way to express yourself and tell loved ones that you care. Versuasions offers a touching and emotional product ‘A VERSUADE’ allowing you to self express creatively across the web. (more…)

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Image of sleep death of greeting cards

We don’t have an obituary much less a time of death, however, one thing we can agree upon is the greeting card is no longer a relevant product. Sadly the time has passed. Would it be our place to mention the reasons why? I guess it wouldn’t matter, throw out a few answers and see what actually sticks. We could say, like anything else the leaders of the industry kind of (to no one’s surprise really) took a position which is very typical of big business. The posture I’m referring to is sitting back quite comfortably, admiring profit without any notion to spot possible trends and innovate. No fault of ours. (more…)

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Image for What is Versuasions and how it works

Versuasions is a new online way to express and tell your loved ones that you care. It’s an internet-based-portal which offers a touching and emotional product (coined the Versuade) allowing self-expression creatively across the web. An expression is an act of communicating one’s thoughts or feelings to others and Versuasions lets you find a sense of “flow” while expressing innovatively.  This new innovative online platform also aims to regain the public interest in the lost art of expression. The objective will also bring about an alternative way people connect with each other. (more…)

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