Your Ambassador


My name is Saytelo!

I’m the ambassador to, The new address devoted to your emotional journey. At Versuasions, it’s my responsibility to guide you towards the best way to convey your emotions to those you care about.

Convey And Be Safe!

Here you will find our product called the Versuade which will allow you to send emotions digitally from one smartphone to another,

from one country to the next! Totally Authentic man! Take a look at our own emojis, recall who we refer to as your 10Core Strong,

Download ebooks starring yours truly and share blog articles written by our diverse talented team, sharing their insight.

So my job is pretty simple yet important. I know what you’r thinking. What do I possibly know about emotions? Alot! 

Hey,  Covid 19 has caused much change and now we live in a growing digital world. Certain things we have to embrace and change is one of them.  So stay safe, don’t get too discouraged

after all what you use to express in a card or text message you can do so better with Versuasions. Make your statement today. See you!

Our Emojis!


We all enjoy Emojis right?

They do a really good job expressing how we feel. While you’re here take a peak and see what we have to offer. Download away and personalize your device with Saytelo Emojis. 

Our Ebook!

Help to SPREAD the world!

Why don’t you help Saytelo spread the word? How? It’s simple! Download and share to your heart’s content Versuasions Ebooks starring Saytelo! With our ebooks there will be topics that are relatable regardless of age. Enjoy!