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And like many throughout the globe, I’m fuming over a condition that pundits have coined, and global citizenry find a way to enjoy. Does Shelter in place sound familiar?

 I’m sure it does after all, I suppose it will eventually make its way towards Webster’s Dictionary one of these days as the most widely used term of 2020.   Fuming? Not really though such a condition has the ability to cause cabin fever, depression and the truth about family members who you claim to have this elevelated admiration for. My last statement by the way isn’t at all in jest, because one thing life has taught me is to be cynical in everything until proven otherwise. But I digress and shove my unofficial decree upon this article. Human beings suck LOL! For the sensitive I’m sorry! Live a little more and you’ll certainly get, stumble, magically drift into an experience which outlines perfectly my sentiment.

But I thought about it and there exists several differences between my generation and our new found technical, “woke”, socially obtuse environment.

It’s ok to hold a grudge. Yeah I said it. To prove my point I will include 3 reasons why.

  1. It keeps you alert to the degree you can anticipate B.S

Look it’s going to happen whether of your own making or not. It could be a vile rumor which permeates through family and friends ignited by a so-called friend. We think friendships are iron clad but as we remember the only constant theme in this world is change. Things change. Weather changes . People change despite their motives. If such an example ever occurs, obviously fallen prey to naivety mentally documenting the thought “my friend will never stoop to such lows”. Once we “get over ” the initial shock and the band aid has been lifted, we’ve gained additional armor to remain more cognizant.

  • The underlying reasons for the grudge holds motivation

 Let’s say an issue lingered which caused an unexpected, unfortunate result. You’ve just been removed from a relationship thought to be ideal with a person you’ve grown to love. The proverbial rug has been pulled from underneath you without cause, or justification that frankly you me, aren’t necessarily entitled to (No one owes us anything, remember the Earthly theme things change). See we can’t control any bit of this as much as we try, pray for the help of Zeus, Socrates or the advice from Freud. But what we can control is our reaction or put in the maybe lamest or laymen’s terms, cause and effect.

Your subconscious hasn’t been bruised the ego has. And the energy you’ve fed the subconscious true to the ego’s bruise we mentally massage the “how did this happen to me”, searching for reasons. If we find reasons or not we use this experience to catapult us to a place where feelings in many cases never outweigh reason. Now look at you. Ready to take on the world.

  • Grudges leave an indelible mark.

Of course they do. Grudges are a constant reminder of your mindset, feelings and consciousness which led you to holding one in the first place. It’s also an intact souvenir, a physiological remembrance to expectation when dealing with our common man, woman and child. 

Drusato signing off Team Versuasions

P.S Don’t mind my “dark humor”.