Making Love? There is no such thing or is there?

To make love. What is it really? Who came up with this phrase so charged with emotions and feelings nestled within the bosom of hearts? How do you make love when love between “man and woman” isn’t’ a chemical agent equipped within the body. Making love sounds desirably good and in epic form conjures the mind to imagine explorative avenues of sacred expression. Arguably its the one thing poetic that explains the apex of  physical attraction and pleasure. The grand pupa of desires. But its nonsense to say make love .

There is no such thing but a lazy phrase which glorifies mans need to create from one’s loins.

Maybe “make fun” or “make enjoyment” but love? Sounds poetic indeed. We wonder how other societies refer to it? Or what was it called in the times of mid-evil, times of  Hannibal, Cesar or B.C. and A.D? For the non-believer how did Darwin categorize its name? How about Kings and Queens of the many African tribes throughout history?
Making love just sounds incredibly soothing to the ear, affecting caged hormones wanting an excuse to explode. A Forbidden primal escalation.
You know perhaps we’re stretching here but as greeting card rookies, we certainly have the right. Perhaps making love is a cop out because what it is actually is making life and boy doesn’t that sound semi-responsible.

Then again love is illogical. As the adage goes love just is. Time just is but less pleasurable we suppose. Is this true to the status quo? We could argue time presents in it’s grasp the experience and knowledge which in “time” release similar desirable hormones predicated upon ones moments in “time”. Put shortly in agreement with the making love idea, carrying on through life, time offers mental versions of making love.

Food for thought.

Make love memorably and safely.



We beg a favor of you.
Dawning our scientist caps we want you to create an experiment. Your participation would be most appreciated. All that we ask is this: Once you’ve read today’s post kindly take the time to effortlessly ponder. Reminisce! Drift away. Sail and imagine. We want to prove to you the power of words over the superficial thrills of “Shopholidays”.
The occasion know as Black Friday has passed, leaving behind the desire for retail companies to slash prices on  ”holiday” merchandise, appealing to more customers.  What are they trying to appeal?  Yes……

Your  tantalizing emotions!!!

Wishfully thinking retailers are hopeful to see record numbers. After all Christmas is here.

What an exciting time. Forgive us, in our glee of holiday enthusiasm, perhaps it would serve us well to explain what Black Friday is to our international friends. Black Friday is a 3 or 4 day event where customers and retailers begrudging settle on an agreement. The agreement goes as follows: If you the customer show up to our stores in huge numbers, we the retailers will slash prices in huge numbers.
Prior to stores opening customers nationwide begin to consign the agreement, by arriving at  locations with earnest hope. They are among the very many who will turn into the disgruntled plenty because they weren’t apart of the fortunate few. Because of emotions, vaguely unbeknownst to the customer, sleep has been sacrificed for the betterment of corporate interests. And now said customers are ready and waiting to purchase the years coveted product. This event sets the tone for the remainder of the shopping year culminating to the day of “giving” Christmas.

That’s Black Friday.

We habitually buy and spend to sedate ourselves, particularly during this season passively thinking about its meaning. Don’t we?

To prove that something manufactured despite the price  is never as important as something said, do you remember a time when someone shared kind unexpected words with you? Or the item given to you as a source of affection?  Things that
are manufactured ultimately have there moments of decline but words live on, like a stream gaining
and losing energy continuing to benefit those in dire need. Again at your leisure take the time to effortlessly ponder. Reminisce! Drift away! Experiment with and indulge in your pleasurable thoughts.

Tell someone you

love them while offering a token showcasing such love. Versuasions is willing to wager words of
affection and admiration will always resonate more than anything material.


Merry Christmas sounds far better!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Rather no! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. At Versuasions we have no interest in removing Christmas from our dialog because of the views of many. Tough love? Maybe so. The face of Christmas no doubt has religious tones but to the liking of Versuasions this occasion has more to do about a yearly gathering. Christmas lies on the 25th of December. And we can give you 25 reason why to encourage this day without endorsing or neglecting religious views. But we won’t!

Offering no apology forget about religion for a moment! The 25th of December is and will be part holiday, part festival and part event. The 3/4 of a whole.

Incredible means to celebrate.

A time to giving, sharing communicating about the years experience and the New Years hopes and aspirations.

Christmas hand delivers extraordinary neutrality.

There’s personal testimony witnessed during this festive time.  In the homes of those who celebrate remembrance of the past and the “occupied present” culminates and cultivates  the desire to ” do it again next year” but bigger.  Why? We feel because an observing future undeterred collectively leaving behind burdensome stress replaced by laughter and tears is the greatest love of all. If not for love what cannot be denied is joy somewhere exists.  How can we not say Merry Christmas if not for it’s gathering? Remember with objective bifocals on. Christmas is Mothers, Fathers, Valentines, Remembrance, Independence, and “birthdays warped, yes warped into one. And it’s warped and disfigured because of the natural reaction to emotional frequency. Hmmm.. perhaps a mystical reason for high tide of emotions.

The day of the red and green perplexes most to openly detail personal struggle and sacrifices throughout the year. And we listen for advice from those trustworthy. We “network” with the ones successful among us encouraged by their anecdotes accounted by faith and tenacity. Grit and determination. Rising and falling.

Relationships creed.

Christmas manifests the nature of “more”. Hence the term the more the merrier; more surprises from those who apologized for not being around for Christmas. Then suddenly arriving to the shock and pleasurable mayhem of family.

And so for those offended because of religious views-look at Merry Christmas as a marketing name for emotionless corporation. Under the mistletoe of it all, gifts and candy, snow, Christmas carols, food and laughter, enjoy the communion really acknowledged.


Men and Emotional Castration!!

This one is for all the men battling the most benign though debilitating repressions.  Gentlemen, society and other factors have placed an unfair obligation on you. An obligation unjust, unwise and unfortunate. We call it emotional “castration”. Yes we said it because that’s precisely what it is. Perhaps the word castration maybe a little harsh, but then again why would it be?  Harsh and illogical would be to teach a segment of humanity how to suppress nature. What would our words be if man in his effort to change nature decided to obstruct the flow of a waterfall, for the most innocent harmless reasons?  We would find it hard to elect a rationale, because there is no rationale. We would say it’s morally wrong to alter  ecology for gain.

Throughout time geologists and scientist have agreed mankind has created “pain” to Mother Earth causing epic disasters. Notice the deliberate omission of the word “natural” because they are far from that. They are anomalies, bigger and greater weather disturbances and patterns never before scene. Natural disasters implies something occurring naturally; a cycle of things to happen. The outcome is irrelevant. When something feels pain, harnessed and absorbed, eventually a unrelenting release will transpire. By personification Mother Earth is a fantastic example.

The notion of a man’s existence is to be stern without emotional release. Yet during an age of a fruitful relationships he is possibly brought to task for not showing feelings or emotions, as the years leading up to his maturation physically mentally and spiritually lacked the enthusiasm to express himself thoroughly without fear or judgement. Is he ready to release and speak without years of rehearsal?

To be Men to be strong-is understanding will and inner peace.

Strength- to withstand the criticisms of others and be assertive in the line of fire.

To understand being a Man is a title equipped with sub-titles viewed subjectively as good or bad.

Sub-titles such as fear, love, emotions, vulnerable, intelligent and “why me”.   We challenge you to openly sing a song not pertaining to the cultural norm, only the normality of rhyme, percussions and melody.  See if your ego will stop you because of fear of being judged.

People today still view the man as the head of  the house hold. We’re not here to offer any opinion of the sort, however let’s say the proposition is true and  men DO wield the power and respect that the head of house hold projects. If he wishes to speak from the heart with passion and desire should there be an issue?

Friends we leave that with you.

Within adults it’s courageous to change patterns and behaviors needless to say the task is terrifying and exhilarating,  therefore Versuasions wants to ease the tension for you? And we will!

In the meantime, remember

Versuasions- is the antithesis of non-expression in all its tragic forms.

Casually Living vs Living Just cause…..

We talked about cliches before. It’s somewhere in the blog-sphere. Check it out!
So what about cliches. We can say most dislike them because they’ve been over used, devoid of meaning.   They normally are small sentences, part truth-part riddle thriving because of it’s instant effect on our minds. For example, perhaps you’ve heard this one before, “Life’s Short”or the variation “life is too short.” We at Versuasions surely agree however what’s debatable are these cliches have lost their shinny luster through time.  So what was once golden now has a thick layer of dust needing a good application of conventional 21st century wisdom.
As people we rarely do things just because or say beautiful things  Just cause! I’m going out on a limb here, however it seems the word because is one of reactionary intention. “I admire you because………” Expectation of an answer!! A reason. Whereby “cause” a shorter version to because implies doing something without any real benefit. Just doing, living and saying  nonchalantly. The visual to this word would be shrugging your shoulders. Just doing as if to say “so”. And this tends to be the erroneous attitude inflicting many.  . These words when explored have big differences but like most they are viewed casually because informal is the new formal. The new cool.
 We may volunteer our time but do we volunteer the good will that our words propose? Just cause! At Versuasions we try to view ideas from an average lens hence our decision making isn’t difficult but rather obvious. Life expectancy is our motivator. Meaning while living and enjoying all the spices on Earth, life expectancy has a definite rationale out reaching escapism.   With you in mind think about life and the legacy you wish to leave behind. Now is the time to say it and make a difference through the presence of your words.
Mortality in many cultures is approached  timidly instead of suspicion. Why suspicions? Well we should wonder what is out there and beyond or create something that will be immortal over beyond’s yonder. Averagely speaking, barring any unforeseen tragedy, we shall see well into our 70th to 77th year on this planet. Remember there’s always those exceptions to the rule. 70  to 77 years may seem like much therefore its necessary to change the gaze. Create a new cliche and observe by looking at in decades. 7 and a half to be exact. If we view our lives using decades we may hasten to say the things that need to be said regardless of the outcome. Let it go.
Try to reunite supposed burnt bridges that society claims shall never reconcile…Reach out to fatherless daughters, sons and victims of abuse. We are living, breathing walking examples whether we wish to  claim it or not. Individually powerful, insightful and worthy.
You are Just, build for a cause. Claim it, cliche it. Just Cause.

Why Vulnerability is the complete opposite of what you think…

At Versuasions we always want to point a perspective which dignifies humanities “gift and “curse” of feelings and emotions. Friends, life, love and romance; are theses elements of a social atmosphere that we need truly? Have we as a society embraced isolation and individualism as a means to eliminate vulnerability? What is vulnerability but a cleverly masked guise, a room with 4 corners and walls protecting body, heart, mind and soul.

You would agree friends are hard to find. Yes? Well no. Giving the energy used to create something exceptional normally requires sacrifice. Friendships are exceptional. Vulnerability is sacrifice, an offering to the universe yearning to deliver compensation to willing participants who embrace the dubious title of being fearless. Although proving more difficult, deciphering the intentions of others can be a taunting undertaking equipped with constant “second guessing”. Yet instinctually we seek to understand motives of others because of vulnerability. And as we age the conflicting internal argument is should we aim to have a fruitful friendships? But at what cost?  The path to friendship bares significant risk and we should define it, chase it at any cost. Are you willing to submit to the demand which permeates the real cause of vulnerability?  Have you noticed acquiring friends genuine in heart is like a tug of war? Friendship calls for sharing personal information equally and being there beyond the scope of text messages and phone calls. Friendships sincerity lives within a voice of reason when uneasy roads surfaces without due warning. Tender your resignation today and be open to vulnerability.

During the process of  ranking friendships, some people admittingly declare they will actually test the “waters” by sharing just a little, with hopes to receive information a tad more personal and perhaps intimate.  Whilst we appreciate the honest feedback.  But Why?  Are friendships predicated upon business morals flexing the trait of leverage?  Versuasions says’ Fear uses vulnerability leading to an unchecked, unaware passage to manipulation. Yes manipulation. Subtle but present.

We at Versuasions say let it flow. Let’s be bold and courageously extreme!! Turn down the fear gauge SHALL WE??


You’ve underrated Thanksgiving and its not your fault!

A pretty important month is upon us commemorating the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  And because traveling against conventional wisdom seemingly feels like the best road traveled long term. Versuasions would like to announce why Thanksgiving is one of our favorite occasion although the greeting card industry deems it as being not the most profitable. Not Versuasions. Speaking for you, bequeathing your soul to us well frankly that’s more profit than anyone could bargain for.

Thanksgiving warms the soul and turns on the empathetic switch heading into the month of December. During this period  people are more willing to volunteer and at times seem more charitable. Road rage is reduced. Genuine smiles and conversations are exchanged, what a underrated month. Perhaps its the anticipation of long holidays with family or the beginnings of Christmas songs which have a knack for drumming up images of peace, family, smiles and hot cocoa. November you don’t receive enough credit.  Can you possibly steal some  thunder from February? Let Versuasions make a small case for you.  February has been granted the month of love and red, lipstick, chocolate etc. Love comes and goes. Thus isn’t it easier to give without remorse. To honor someone and trigger an astonishment within them because something small and unexpected caused a small connection? Over the decades statistics submit the vast majority of  recipients of valentines turns out to be woman. Thanksgiving is symbolically about giving. A pretty even stat.  It’s decorated for picking the perfect tree, putting up lights, planning and celebrating togetherness. The nucleus family. That’s right the month of November.  Thank you November you’re too  modest for preparing the world for its yearly finale.


Your thoughts have Spoken

Karma, Cause and Effect…Connections

Good Tuesday we hope you’re having a fantastic week.  Have you ever heard the expression “No Man is an Island? Well it got us thinking. In a nutshell the expression emphasizes how man is never alone and he/she will always hold many connections. Isn’t this statement true? How many connections do you have?  Are they spiritual in nature or physical in it’s demand.  Are they religiously based or politically inclined? What about business ties? Are we not connected to the acquisition of things? Whether right or wrong how else do we value and justify material objects?

Taoism [dou-iz-uhm, tou-] (conventionally known as  Daoism)  is a doctrine with a unique philosophy espousing the connection we have between nature and it’s relation to everything which stimulates us. For short, the Tao has been said to be concerned with the infinite, the universe;  a concept abiding an idea that man has more in common than in differences. We tend to agree! Look around and enjoy the beauty of breathing,  it’s certainly obvious. Simply put enjoying and appreciating the beauty in breathing displays a connection to nature. Although the appreciation is some what involuntary a connection has been established. To just exist, purely living- procrastinating also is a tailored champion of connection. From a scientific point of view observing things from a subatomic level you can reasonably see the relationship between “elements” microscopic in nature and those colossal.

Take positively and negatively charged ions. Good and Bad. Connections are like living tentacles capturing, manipulating all things. What does this have to do with you? There’s this name many are familiar with and it may vary depending on an individual’s geographical location. Karma is the name. What does Karma have to do with you? Well it s a widely accepted belief quintessentially about our surroundings and reaction (connection) to it.  With time as it’s advantageous backbone, generally speaking Karma refers to  surrendering something to the universe meeting an unexpected and untimely effect. Usually if we choose to believe in “Karma” we know that whatever comes around returns eventually.  In the face of honesty we interpret and knowingly try to dismiss it, ignore it because of the idyllic tremendous power we’re told we have (yes we do have power) however we do know better subconsciously because there are greater “powers” at work.  Would you agree good deeds return in the form of abundant fortunes while unfortunate intentional mishaps create larger individual concerns? See the connection?

Continue to connect with those you love.



Your thoughts have Spoken.

Forgiving self is easy! Here’s how!

And so we continue. Recently, we at Versuasions shared our views on forgiveness and in our humble opinion its believed absolution of self first is a very important decision to make. Forgiveness in itself has more to do with clarity and bringing closure prior to any intent to mention “I’m sorry can you forgive me.” By considering this brave initiative and harnessing its power please understand how it compliments the amount of personal responsibility most shun. When we evaluate our lives, the distant highs and perceived oceanic lows its rather easy to cast blame. To the contrary assuming negligence towards personal responsibility and accountability is tough. If we choose to blame, “cast it”  upon one’s self then forgive; breaking the mold with such force and letting go. Its easy to observe the “lows” and search for reasons why things appear to be the way they are.  Remembering the powerful minds we have is valuable especially when we precisely pinpoint the smallest of events and blow them out of proportion, part sabotage-part self loathing.  And as we revert back to pre-adolescence asking the dominant question of a child; why? Why is life unfair? Why live? Why did it happen? The semi-answer to this is to locate alternatives to self medicate. The many ways we induce and run conflict with our free will and our “determination will”,  succumbing to the former perhaps because its just simple. For instance we denounce the power that each of us have, merely viewing them as talking points rarely to ponder maybe its true. “Just maybe I am powerful, strong, egregious” but not believing is so much easier. The temporary appetite to surrender is far sweeter.

Life gift wraps mazes, straight roads, forks, dawn, dusk and howling nights and to be candid there are no ways around it. Like matter, life just is. Obstacles can’t be destroyed and knowing this the cabin of mind must be preserved. But how? We can do this by approaching much with a oxymoron called love. Yes an oxymoron. Like success, there are no secrets to life. Like success its in between a  journey which makes life worth the drama filled scenes of the “temporaries”,  life’s cycle.

One day the time will come when we’re knocked off  our rocking chair of comfort and we can talk and probe, poke and embrace defiance. Yet we digress.  Forgiving self  will always be untarnished epic love. The first step in forgiving self is to acknowledge it, then write it down. Write to your hearts content. Put it to tablet! Vandalize it on paper! Release it to sticky notes. Now we’re not asking to write in a manner of say Faulkner or Steven King, moreover what’s important to realize is you’re documenting one of your “temporaries”, in this case a state of emotion. See writing out your “temporaries” ( emotions) provides a time capsule of growth and experience. And documenting such not only by memory but tangible evidence gives you mental space and a voluminous heart waiting for desire; the fire to accomplish something great. Pour your heart into the device that’s mightier than the sword, let it go and move on. Remember the beauty at stake here.  Another persons opinion is secondary and all temporaries can be appreciated in jest by giving it perspective.  Forgiving yourself-first is rather “note-worthy”.

Write and please express.


Your thoughts have spoken.

Forgiveness 101

When we think about forgiveness it’s usually contingent to the feelings of others. Today we live in a world marginalized by forgiveness and sorrow. And somewhere in between we’ve been routinely told to ask forgiveness from those who have been harmed on any of it’s levels, however the unwritten rule, abstract in it’s shape and context, suggests to wait around for the forgiveness sought to be approved. In essence waiting for approval from someone else often create an opportunity for manipulation and contention.

Despite the unfortunate number of people this degree of absolution manifests itself. Think family and “so called” friends.We at Versuasions will always remain stellar advocates of expressive thought and free will exercising what the heart wants. Believing in this form of “I’m sorry-you’re forgiven” dynamic is absolutely fine but there’s  a budding inclination of concern which we wish to address. For example let’s assume a situation occurred and a wrong was identified. And to “right” the wrong, that is to correct it; framing it in a way so not to appear villainous, words, gifts and any number of things are used to admit the mistake to remedy the situation. Now this is important. What if in the manner of “free will” you weren’t forgiven? Would you feel resentful? Perhaps entitled? No?

Is it far fetched to feel vengeful, opening the clouds to “That’s not fair, I tried! That’s it!  Manipulation time? Would you feel vulnerable because the mature action of asking for forgiveness was subsequently met with denial? Who want’s to be vulnerable right? Subconsciously, at odds we mutter  ”If I could see past the error why can’t they?

Remember free will. Yes, if we think about it seems pretty amusing.  Indeed denial period, can be brutal especially if we’ve been taught to assume self serving exoneration during the process it takes to ask for forgiveness. Versuasions say forgive yourself first!  There are no guarantees. Our world “guarantees” this. Life breeds it! Being vulnerable is our unconditional fabric dangling on our sleeves.  Again, we have to live with it and forgive ourselves first. You have to. And by not redeeming your soul and essentially letting go slight hormonal shifts can cause issues. Meanwhile toxicity bends creating a smog filled sphere in the mind, along with all the words that toxicity implies. Bitterness, fear, ugly, sick, pain and lastly “I need help.”

Throughout time psychiatrists and psychologists have offered their own theories on the mind, the different ids at play. If such is the case what makes us whole? Is it not our soul? The wonderful mechanism delivering sympathy, pity and apathy? It is this soul we use and contact to achieve great things called upon by passion. Speak to your soul. Deliver the voice of wisdom to it out loud. Tell it your immediate and intimate thoughts in a monologue setting.

Friends, we conclude with this: If in fact all else fails and forgiving yourself immediately is a heavy burden, then what next………????? We’ll be more than happy to offer more ideas.


Forgive, self, throw love.

Your thoughts have spoken.


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