Experience The E-Greeting World Through Versuasions


We beg a favor of you. Dawning our scientist caps we want you to create an experiment. Your participation would be most appreciated. All that we ask is this: Once you’ve read today’s post...

Merry Christmas sounds far better!

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Rather no! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. At Versuasions we have no interest in removing Christmas from our dialog because of the views of many. Tough love?...

Men and Emotional Castration!!

This one is for all the men battling the most benign though debilitating repressions.  Gentlemen, society and other factors have placed an unfair obligation on you. An obligation unjust, unwise and unfortunate. We call...

Casually Living vs Living Just cause…..

We talked about cliches before. It’s somewhere in the blog-sphere. Check it out! So what about cliches. We can say most dislike them because they’ve been over used, devoid of meaning.   They normally...

Karma, Cause and Effect…Connections

Good Tuesday we hope you’re having a fantastic week.  Have you ever heard the expression “No Man is an Island? Well it got us thinking. In a nutshell the expression emphasizes how man is...

Forgiving self is easy! Here’s how!

And so we continue. Recently, we at Versuasions shared our views on forgiveness and in our humble opinion its believed absolution of self first is a very important decision to make. Forgiveness in itself has...

Forgiveness 101

When we think about forgiveness it’s usually contingent to the feelings of others. Today we live in a world marginalized by forgiveness and sorrow. And somewhere in between we’ve been routinely told to ask...

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